Avengers 5: Disney Might’ve Just Revealed the Official Title By Accident

Overview Of: Avengers 5: Disney Might’ve Just Revealed the Official Title By Accident

Ever since Avengers: Endgamebrought the Infinity Saga to a close, about the next team-up of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes has been scarce. Marvel Studios has been tight-lipped about the development of its next Avengers movie. Bucky Barnes actor Sebastian Stan teased that Avengers 5will not release for a while, saying that “we’ve got to figure out a couple of other missions first before we even get there.”

To ease the worries of some fans, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige promised that Avengers 5 will happen “at some point”in the MCU’s future. For now, the Marvel boss mentioned that Phase 4 is focused on“beginnings”for these new heroes before they join forces.

Ahead of the highly anticipated return of Marvel Studios at San Diego Comic-Con this year, a potential new update for Avengers 5has emerged online.

As first sharedon Reddit’s Leaks And Rumors subreddit, trademarks for Avengers: Secret Warsand Avengers: The Kang Dynasty were officially filedon Friday, July 22 with the European Union Intellectual Property Office for multiple categories of goods & services including film production.

This filing date is notably one day ahead of Marvel Studios’ San Diego Comic-Con “mega-panel,”which is expected to reveal new announcements about upcoming MCU titles.

While the owner of the patent is currently hidden, the filer, Mitscherlich, is an attorney’s office that has recently worked with Disney on film production patents for projects like Sneakerella.

It’s still uncertain if these titles are, in fact, for upcoming Avengers movies, although the timing of these filings suggests that Secret Wars or The Kang Dynasty could be the subtitle for Avengers 5, assuming that it gets officially announced by Marvel Studios during Saturday night’s MCU Hall H panel.

While he’s unsure if those trademarks are real, Comicbook’s Adam Barnhardt pointed out that Marvel filed its last SDCC reveals with The United States Patent and Trademark Office last July 19, 2019, the day before the studio’s panel at SDCC 2019. 

Will Marvel Studios Finally Announce Avengers 5?

While it’s anti-climactic that the title or titles of Marvel Studios’ next Avengersfilms will be revealed via a leaked trademark listing, any update about these projects is still substantial, considering the anticipation surrounding the MCU’s next crossover team-up movie. 

Many would agree that it’s the right time for Marvel to announce its next big Avengers movie, especially now that fans are worried that Phase 4 has no endgame. Recently, a good chunk of MCU fans has already voiced their concerns about Phase 4, calling the slate “the weakest” and a “mixed bag.”

Announcing Avengers 5at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con would ease those concerns, mainly because it gives Phase 4 a sense of direction. However, it is unknown if both Secret Warsor The Kang Dynastywould premiere in Phase 4 or if the other project will likely be relegated to Phase 5. At this point, it’s possible that The Kang Dynasty would end up being the Avengers of Phase 4, with Secret Wars serving as the culmination of this saga in Phase 5.  

Secret Warshas long been the rumored subtitle of the MCU’s next Avengersmovie, and the title being trademarked ahead of SDCC could be the first clue that Marvel is indeed going with that famous title. This also signifies that characters who played major roles in the comic book version of the story, such as Doctor Doom and the Fantastic Four, would appear in the MCU sooner rather than later. 

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